ABA In Action, Inc. was developed in 2011 as a division of Baby Steps Therapy to serve children with an integrative ABA approach. Developed by Bill and Tara Delaney, ABA in Action is a locally owned, private ABA service provider in the Sacramento region.

Comprehensive, Individualized
& Evidence-Based Interventions

ABA in Action offers a variety of services to support children in the home and community. We utilize a direct one-to-one model, as well as social skills groups and parent trainings to provide global support for children. At ABA in Action we follow the principles of applied behavior analysis and utilize naturalistic teaching strategies to maximize a child’s potential.

  • One-to-One In-home and Community Based Interventions
  • Evidence-Based, Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Collaborative 3-Tier Model
  • Parent and Caregiver Trainings
  • Community Based Social Groups Opportunities
  • Serving Children Ages 2-18 with Various Diagnoses